Course Overview:

NZ Pony Clubs is taking our motivated youth members (rangatahi) and bringing fun and training in a new style.

NZ Pony Clubs believe everyone should be able to access transformative learning and open the doors to opportunities.

It is the start of a pathway to head them in the direction of personal development - where someone is holding the rein. The Pony Club Academy enables our youth (tamariki and rangatahi) to grow into resilient, empathic and empowered leaders (tumu heregna waka).

Life is full of challenges and barriers that stop us from going where we want to go. Even limit us from believing we can get there. As a member, the Pony Club Academy can open your eyes in new directions to enable you to follow your passion. Launch opportunities to go further, with the equine industry growing in New Zealand and globally.

It offers more than just an exciting career opportunity for people who love working with horses. It also allows them to be a role model for others and continues to help them to make lifestyle choices.

The Pony Club Academy is designed for members:

  • who are becoming leaders in their own sport
  • who want a lifelong multifaceted sporting experience
  • to build their self-confidence through simple, sustainable habits
  • overcoming limiting beliefs or thinking patterns
  • to open opportunities within the equine industries, locally and globally

There are emerging opportunities for members to:

  • establish the foundations of coaching, or
  • learning the tools required in sports and event management
  • gain momentum on the athlete performance pathway

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Course length:  

6-month, part-time course (average 2-3 hours a week) with structured and flexible learning over this period.  If postponement is required, you have up to 2 years to complete all the subject requirements.

There is a minimum of 52 hours of learning time for 1 pillar, 78 hours for 2 pillars, and 100 hours for all 3 pillars.

Course Intake Date:

September intake – enrolments close 18th August 2023.  Limited spaces are  available.

Methods of Delivery:

Blended learning course including online, webinar and face-to-face hui.  

Modules may have different methods of delivery, including some modules that will be online.  Please refer to the individual module information on each.

Standard Course fees:

$50 initial payment is due when the application is accepted.

Hui is self-funded by the participant.  We will encourage and support members applying for a grant from a local funder and their clubs for members' participation.  We will aim for a convenient location.

Course entry Prerequisites:

Minimum age 15 as of 1st January 2024.  Maximum 25 years as of 1st January 2024.

Must be a financial member of NZPCA  and comply with the working rally rules in the NZPCA general regulations.

Preferably a minimum of C level certificate, or must agree to obtain a C level certificate within the timeframe of this course. 

Be motivated to continue gaining C+ level certificates and beyond. You don't have to have achieved NCEA or a university degree.  It comes down to each member's attitude and effort in applying themselves.

Members must have access to a computer and an internet connection.