The NZPCA Conference 2015 was held at the Distinction Hotel, Rotorua 24th and 25th July 2015. The AGM was held at the Distinction Hotel on the afternoon of the 25th July 2015. The Conference Presentations are now available to view:

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Appointment of a Patron:

At the recent Board meeting on May 26th the role of a Patron for an organisation such as NZPCA was discussed. The Board feels that once it has some guidance from the membership as to the type of Patron they would like to see it will be easier to identify candidates. The Board has prepared a presentation that can be accessed by clicking here to help generate discussion and feedback from you as to what sort of Patron you would like for the NZPCA.

Over the next 3 weeks we would like to receive any feedback or suggestion you may have concerning the type of Patron you would like to see for NZPCA. Send your feedback via email to . We want to hear from as many members as we can, from our youngest riders to our most senior volunteer officials and everyone in between. The Patron is your Patron so let the Board know what you want from your Patron.