The NZPCA are very excited to be joining ESNZ in their Change the Rein campaign.

Change the Rein is a campaign designed to advocate for a caring, supportive and positive culture in equestrian sport in New Zealand. It is currently being rolled out across the country with more than 100 message boards already sent to events to use and GameChangers awards for people who exhibit the values of the campaign – kindness, support, horse care, gratitude and integrity.

Change the Rein is a technical riding term that means change direction. It became the catchphrase of the campaign due to its reference to a conscious change, in this case relating to behaviour. It has taken off, resonated well with stakeholders and taken on a life of its own.

​​​​​​​We will be putting a call out after Christmas for you to send us your GameChangers stories so that we can recognise those good deeds that really make a differnce to your day.

Follow the link below to the ESNZ website for more infomation and lots of downloadable/printable resources

ESNZ- Change the Rein