Dressage Tests for 2022

MT - A4 2009

DC - B4 2009

A1 - B5 2018


Are you coming to Champs and interested in the roles of eventing officials or already an official looking to upskill?

ESNZ are running an officials seminar and we would love to have you attend.

 this seminar will commence at approx 4.30pm on 23 April with an evening classroom session of approx 90min – 120mins. There will also be a follow up classroom session (45mins) in the afternoon of 24 April following the XC test of the event. Course walks with the course facilitators will be run on both Saturday and Sunday in groups to accommodate everyone attending and their commitments around the event. 

Seminars are open to all existing officials, NZPCA officials and anyone interested in becoming an eventing official. 

Deadline for registration is Monday prior to the seminar.

Register your attendance by completing the Google Form


ANNOUNCEMENT - re NQS for 2022 Eventing Championship

NZPCA have agreed due to the extreme circumstances of the past two years, riders will only need to obtain one NQS to attend the 2022 eventing Championship.

This NQS must be obtained by competing at a ODE or Horse Trial run under ESNZ Eventing rules. This does not include Express Events.

Contact your Area Secretary to express interest in attending the Taranaki 2022 NZPCA Eventing Championship 22-25 April


2022 NZPCA Eventing Championship - Taranaki 22nd-25th APRIL 2022.


Every year the NZPCA Eventing Championships are held somewhere around the country.  See below for previous Hosts and Results

Timberlands Teams Event: Click here

​​​​​​​Bruce Forbes Teams Event: Click here

Springston Trophy website  Click here ​​​​​​​

NZPCA Eventing runs under ESNZ Eventing rules, however also read annex 5 of the ESNZ rules as it outlines any variation to rules for NZPCA events.