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Clinics for Examiners: Supporting Skill Development

Certificates play a vital role within the Pony Club framework, providing motivation and advancement across all proficiency levels.

Our examiners are typically experienced Coaches who actively provide instruction at rallies, aligning with the level at which they conduct examinations. An exception exists for A & H Levels, where National Coaches oversee the examination process.

Responsibility for training D and C Level examiners lies with Clubs and Branches. Collaborations with National Coaches at this domestic level facilitate the organization of courses for these individuals.

The eligibility criteria for becoming an examiner are explicit and precise, as outlined in the Rules and Guidelines for Pony Club Certificates.

C+ and B Examiners acquire qualifications through participation in an Examiners Clinic organised by the Area.  Their names are included in the NZ Pony Clubs C+ and B Examiners list.

These clinics, funded by NZPCA, occur annually, rotating through different Areas within each Zone on a four-year cycle. To ensure current expertise, examiners are required to attend one of these clinics at least once every five years.

Please note that Examiners Clinics also serve as qualification and update opportunities for TDs; however, availability is limited.

Examiners Resources

Examiners & Organisers H & A Exam Resources

​​​​​​​Examiners!! Did you know that .....The Certificate Rule (Rule 7)  states that for all certificate levels, candidates must not have received coaching from the examiner(s) for at least one month prior to the exam. 

If you are an examiner and have a to make an Expression of Interest please let the exam organiser or the exam TD know.