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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to offer an integrated Training Programme that empowers Pony Club coaches to enhance their teaching skills, and knowledge, and attain recognised qualifications.


- Elevate coaching standards at all levels for our members by establishing an effective, coordinated coaching system across all Pony Clubs.
- Provide training for Branch-level coaches through individuals qualified by this Programme.
- Bestow certified qualifications to coaches as both an incentive and a means to boost their self-esteem.


Our program aims to help coaches:

- Boost their confidence and knowledge in Pony Club teaching.
- Develop lesson and rally plans that are safe, progressive, effective, and enjoyable.
- Extract maximum value from the New Zealand Pony Club Manuals and other recommended reading materials.


Each Level has been rigorously tested and fine-tuned with input from experienced coaches. Now involved in tutoring and assessment, these coaches offer invaluable insights from a participant's perspective.

Participation in the Programme is voluntary and open to financial members of the New Zealand Pony Clubs who are involved in coaching or assisting with Pony Club activities. Prior to assessments, participants must have completed a Coaches' Course of the appropriate level with a suitably qualified coach.

The Program consists of six levels, mirroring the Pony Club Certificates. Each level involves attending a coach's course, completing correspondence units, including readings, exercises, and practical assignments, as well as undergoing teaching assessments. Coaches receive certificates and badges upon successfully completing each level. For instance, D/D+ level Certificate holders are recognised as D/D+ level Coaches, progressing through the system accordingly.

All levels are designed to be taken in consecutive order, except for those who hold BHSAI, BHSII, and/or Preliminary Teaching Exam qualifications gained since 1994. Such individuals may enter the Program at C+ level. Although starting at D/D+ level might seem redundant for coaches working at a higher standard, its value becomes evident when training or supervising Coaches at D/D+ level.

Note: Refer to the Coaching Modules information for an alternative approach.

For D/D+ Level assessments, coaches' clubs should arrange these, often during a rally. Our Asessors (listed in the attachment below) organises other level assessments, usually at a central venue.

Each level incorporates:

- Correspondence units: completed at home.
- Practical assignments: carried out at Pony Club.
- Teaching assessment: conducted at Pony Club over a day with an Assessor.

For instance, at the D/D+ level:

- Three correspondence units.
- Practical assignments.
- Four practical assessments of teaching.

At the C level:

- Six correspondence units.
- Practical assignments.
- Three practical assessments of teaching.

For C+ level:

- Seven correspondence units.
- Practical assignments.
- Four practical assessments of teaching.
- A 'teaching to teach' clinic.

Please note that C+ level includes a mandatory 'teaching to teach' unit, making coaches who pass this level eligible to attend coaching courses at the D/D+ level.

What makes this program truly exceptional:

  • It might be the world's pioneering initiative of its kind.
  • It encompasses a thorough, self-contained package harmonizing with NZPCA Manuals 1, 2, and 3.
  • It caters to coaches worldwide, regardless of their geographical location.
  • It follows a self-paced model that encourages personal achievement.
  • It fosters a self-sustaining cycle by introducing 'teaching to teach' elements, empowering coaches to educate others.
  • Our tutors and assessors are extensively trained, well-supported, and overseen by the NZPCA.

Coaching Modules:

In response to Pony Club coaches' aspirations to align with the level they teach, the Coaches Training Programme presents individual component modules. These modules can be undertaken in any sequence and operate independently, not constituting a qualification within the Equestrian Coaches Training Programme. Modules can also be cross-credited, providing an option for instructors aiming to join the Coaching Training Programme.


Initiated in 1991, this program fills a genuine need for Pony Club Coaches aiming to advance their teaching abilities. Developed by the New Zealand Pony Clubs Association's Training Committee in collaboration with the National Coaching Panel – including esteemed professionals like Mesdames S. Dickens QSM, K. Hogan, E. Knox-Thompson QSM, and Mrs. J. Howard, all holders of the British Horse Society's Instructors' Certificate [BHSI].

Explore Our Coaching Courses:

Our coaching courses offer a wide range of options for aspiring coaches at different proficiency levels.

You have the opportunity to be trained by National and Association Coaches across all tiers. Coaches who have successfully completed the ECTP can guide and train others at D/D+ and C levels.

You can access a list of these ECTP Coaches who are equipped to conduct courses on this page.

To arrange coaching courses, Clubs/Branches can directly connect with the coaches of their choice.

To ensure effective learning and ample practical experience, courses led by ECTP qualified coaches maintain limited participant numbers.

This approach guarantees substantial 'hands-on' practice and fosters an optimal learning environment. Not exceeding the recommended number of participants for these courses is essential.

D/D+ FastTrack Courses