Welcome to Pony Club Coaching!

At The Pony Club, one of our primary goals is to provide top coaching in riding and horse management. Our dedicated coaches play a vital role in educating members about proper horse care and nurturing their riding skills.

Your coaching journey is anchored in the comprehensive NZPCA Manuals, readily accessible on our E-shop, along with our many other coaching resources.

So, you've been entrusted with coaching at Pony Club – a role that holds immense importance within our community. Feeling unsure of where to begin? We recommend enrolling in our Equestrian Coaches Training Programme, your stepping stone to effective coaching.

Don't miss out on the 'i-Coach,' our digital magazine designed exclusively for coaches. To stay informed, sign up here and explore previous editions for valuable insights.

Rest easy knowing that all financial NZ Pony Club coaches are protected by our Coaches Insurance. Click here for detailed policy documents.

Thank you for embracing this essential role in our Pony Club family. Your dedication is truly appreciated.

Coaching Resources

Area Coach Co-Ordinators


Regional Sports Trusts

So that you can keep in touch with your local area's Coaching gurus, here is a list of the Regional Sporting Trusts (RST's).  

Get in touch with the one that is nearest to you, they will put you on their email list.  RST's offer lots of ways to upskill and their seminars are usually very affordable. Click here for yours.

Policies and Procedures

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