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Adding Coaches to Your Rallies for the NZPCA App: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Log in: Sign in as the database administrator.

2. Gather Coaches Information: Collect the coaches' SURNAMES (spelled exactly as in Nominate - it's case-sensitive) and their membership numbers.

Note: Coaches don't have to belong to your club but must be listed in the NZPCA Nominate database.

3. Access Functions: On your laptop, find "Functions" on the left-hand side of the screen.

4. Navigate to Coaches: Click on "Coaches."

5. Add Coaches: Look for the "+ Coaches" option in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

6. Input Details: Add the coaches from your club using their SURNAMES (case-sensitive) and membership numbers.

How to remove old members from your NZPCA App

1. Log in: Sign in as the database administrator on the NZPCA Nominate database.

2. Access Members:  Search for the member you want to remove, select their profile, and click on Edit.

3. Update the member's Status: Change the member's status to to "Lapsed".

4. Save Changes: Click on the update button to save the changes.​​​​

How to remove duplicate members from your NZPCA App

1. Log in: Sign in as the database administrator on the NZPCA Nominate database.

2. Access Functions: On your laptop, find "Functions" on the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Navigate to Merge: Click on "Merge."

4. Add Membership Numbers: Follow the directions on the screen, insert the membership number you want to remove FIRST.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.


Record of Training on the NZPCA App

1. Login: Access the NZPCA App and locate the icons to the right of the NZPCA Logo.  As in slide one above.

2.  Select the Certificate Icon: Click on the first icon on the right, which represents the Certificate.

3. Record of Training Heading: Look for the heading "Record of Training."

4. Choose Certificate Level: From the first drop-down box, select the appropriate Certificate Level (D, D+, or C).

5. Select Rider's Name: Pick the rider's name from the second drop-down box.

6. Search: Tap on the "SEARCH" button.

​​​​​​​7. Tick Topics: Tick off the topics covered during the rally. Ensure to tap "SAVE" before proceeding to the next rider.

8. Moving to the Next Rider: To move to the next rider, repeat steps 3 to 5. Remember, tapping "SEARCH" is crucial; otherwise, the Record of Training (ROT) will not update.

Additionally, Database Admins can view the ROT cards on the NZPCA Nominate Database under the member's details.


How members can join your Branch using nominate CLICK HERE

How Fees are calculated using the nominate database CLICK HERE



For Riding Members - Sharing Is Made Easy: 

To share your completed training card with an examiner, simply display it on your phone.  

When viewing: clicking on the green tick icon or red cross icons for "Taught" or "Demonstrated" will show the coach's details, including the date and time it was ticked off.

Riding members can view their rallies and certificates etc., on their computer or the NZPCA App on their phone.  

In the near future, you'll also have the option to download or print a complete report.

Database Administrators can also view this information via Nominate on their computers.

Enhancements coming: 

We're collaborating with Nominate to enhance various features of the NZPCA App, promising an exciting period for NZ Pony Club members.

Soon, you'll have access to enhanced reporting and printing features. This includes the ability to download training details for individual members or all your riders in a convenient spreadsheet format. Plus, a new general notes section.

This section will be visible to riders and coaches, capturing notes with the coaches name and timestamps. 

Navigating Nominate:  How To Instructions