New Members can JOIN NZPCA via the Nominate Database.

Video- How members can join your Branch using nominate CLICK HERE

Video- How Fees are calculated using the nominate database CLICK HERE


Now available for all Pony Clubs, FREE contactless contact tracing app for your grounds and activities.

Nominate have created a contact tracing app that works using our database and enables everyone entering your grounds to check in at any time.

Every Club has had a unique QR code added to their database. Simply print it off (make weatherproof) and put on the gate of your grounds.

Anyone entering the grounds, even if they are not a member, will be able to scan the QR code using the nominate equestrian app and instantly check in.

Details for how to access your QR code and how to download the app are all in the document attached.

We would like you to encourage as many members as possible to download this app.  Going forward you will be able to use it as part of the Nominate Events/Clubs system to record your members attending Rally’s, as they “check-in” to your grounds, and as you run events using Nominate.

Update 30 April 2020

Exciting news for NZPCA Members, we have completed the changeover to the new Nominate Database and each member should have received an email overnight with a new membership number and password. I have included the link to the database here. This is an Australian hosted website so please be aware the email you have received is not spam, and will contain your membership type, your membership number and your password. Please email with any concerns or questions you may have.

Update 7/4/2020

Confirmed Admins have been sent their login and password to access the Nominate Database.  They have been asked to update their Branch/Club details.  NZPCA will be sending the link and login details to members in about 2 weeks.