For 2023 NZPCA Dressage Championship unfortunately one of our Dressage Judges was unwell and was unable to attend the SI event. 

Those officiating made the below decision, in consultation with Dressage NZ Judging Officials and in line with FEI rule 19.4.12

Which states: 12. In case a member of the Ground Jury becomes incapable to judge before or during the Competition (parts of the test or more), their scores will be removed from the result list of the whole Competition.

The decision was made that scores posted for the Junior Test 1B and Senior Test 3B,  were to only include the scores from one judge.  This did not affect the NI Awards but did affect the overall awards that had not been finalised till after the South Island Event was completed. 

The NI will note some differences to the Area Teams Jumping results from those announced at the NI Championship prize giving. It seems Nominate was recording eliminations and retirements as 0 faults. There was also some confusion around what scores were required to create a counting score for a team.

The conditions state - For a team to be live and have a team score, they must have 2 lives scores from each division, 2 from 105 Div A and 2 from 110 Div B. Unfortunately 2 of the 5 teams were unable to do this. 

There were a lot of changes to teams on the morning of the competition, which also made it hard for our administration. This meant the teams ended up very different to the printed programme.

To the right is the final Scores. T&E and NZPCA apologies for the confusion with the results.