The New Zealand Pony Clubs Association (NZPCA) is a not for profit, youth voluntary organisation for young people interested in ponies/horses and riding.

The NZPCA is represented nationally by its 90 Clubs, 136 Branches and over 7,500 Members.

We provide instruction on riding and horse/pony management with a structured certificate system that allows young people to gain qualifications, promoting the highest ideals of behaviour, sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, to create strength of character and self discipline.

We encourage young people to ride and enjoy all kinds of sport connected with riding through our rallies, events and competitions.

Our volunteers are the backbone of the pony club and are highly valued. We encourage their development and recognise their dedication to helping us make the NZPCA the success it is.

We have a coaching system which allows for a progressive pathway for those who teach at pony club and encourages them to attain qualifications and develop their skills enabling a consistancy of teaching standards throughout our Branches.