Certificates are an essential part of the Pony Club system, providing incentive and encouragement to learn and improve at all levels.

Examiners are usually Coaches, actively instructing at rallies, at the level they are examining at. The exception to this is at A & H Level, where the examinations are conducted by the National Coaches.

Clubs and Branches are responsible for training their own D and C Level examiners. Courses for these people can be arranged with the National Coaches at this domestic level.

The Rules and Guidelines for Pony Club Certificates clearly states the criteria an examiner must meet in order to be eligible to exam.

C+ and B Examiners must be qualified through attendance at an Area-run Examiners clinic and must be named on the Association's C+ & B Examiners list. The clinics are funded by the Association and run by four Areas each year, rotating through Areas within each Zone nationally on a four-year cycle. Examiners are required to update by attending one of these Clinics at least every five years.

Please note: TD's can also qualify and update at Examiners Clinics, but spaces are limited.

NZPCA Rider Examination Record

Thanks to Steph Mann we now have a really easy to use Examination Record Document. A Branch Secretary can simply click on the following link and record the results of each Certificate exam. This has been widely consulted on and amendments have been made to make it more user friendly. The results will be automatically stored for NZPCA's purposes and Branches can create a copy for themselves.  Click here for the form, this link is also available above. 

Examiners!! Did you know that .....The Certificate Rule (Rule 7)  states that for all certificate levels, candidates must not have received coaching from the examiner(s) for at least one month prior to the exam.  If you are an examiner and have a to make an Expression of Interest please let the exam organiser or the exam TD know.