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Mission Statement:

To provide a Training Programme of integrated levels to enable Pony Club coaches to improve their teaching ability and knowledge and gain a recognised qualification.


to improve the standard of coaching for members at all levels by providing:

  • an effective and coordinated coaching system for all Pony Clubs.
  • training for coaches at the Branch level by those qualified from this Programme.
  • a certified qualification for coaches, both as an incentive and as a means of increasing their self-esteem.


To help Coaches to:

  • increase their knowledge and confidence in their teaching at Pony Club.
  • plan lessons and rallies so that the instruction will be safe, progressive,  effective and enjoyable.
  • gain the maximum use and benefit from the three New Zealand Pony Club Manuals and other recommended reading.

This programme was initiated in 1991 when results have proved that it is fulfilling a real need for Pony Club Coaches who want to further their teaching skills.

It has been developed by the Training Committee of the New Zealand Pony Clubs Association, in conjunction with members of the National Coaching Panel - Mesdames S. Dickens QSM, K. Hogan, E. Knox-Thompson QSM, and Mrs J. Howard, all holders of the British Horse Society's Instructors' Certificate. [BHSI]

Each Level was tested by experienced coaches who offered invaluable advice on fine-tuning from the participant's point of view. The coaches are now involved in tutoring and assessing.

The Programme is voluntary and available to financial members of the New Zealand Pony Club who are coaching or assisting at Pony Club. Prior to any assessments, participants must have attended a Coaches' Course of the appropriate level with a suitably qualified coach.

The Programme consists of six levels, corresponding with the Pony Club Certificates. Each Level involves attendance at a coach's course; completing correspondence units, including reading, exercises and practical assignments; and teaching assessments. Coaches are awarded a certificate and badge after successfully completing each level. Holders of a D/D+ Level Certificate are known as D/D+ Level Coaches and so on through the system.

All levels must be taken in consecutive order*, with the exception of the holders of BHSAI, BHSII and/or Preliminary Teaching Exam gained since 1994, who may join the Programme at C+ Level. Starting at D/D+ Level may seem tiresome to Coaches working at a higher standard, but it has proved its value when it comes to training or supervising Coaches at D/D+ Level.
* See Coaching Modules information for an alternative.

D/D+ Level assessments should be arranged by the coaches Club, and usually take place in a rally situation. All other Levels assessments are arranged by the Coaching Officer, often at a central venue.

The levels are based on the NZ Pony Club Certificates and contain:

  • Correspondence units: completed at home
  • Practical assignments: completed at Pony Club
  • Assessment of teaching: completed at Pony Club [one day] with an Assessor.

D/D+ level.
Three correspondence units, practical assignments and four practical assessments of teaching.

C level.
Six correspondence units, practical assignments and three practical assessments of teaching.

C+ level.
Seven correspondence units, practical assignments, four practical assessments of teaching and a 'teaching to teach' clinic.
[note: this level contains a compulsory unit on 'teaching to teach' - coaches who pass this level are eligible to take coaching courses at the D/D+ level.]

B level.
Five correspondence units, practical assignments and five practical assessments of teaching.
[note: this level contains an optional unit on 'teaching to teach' - coaches need to pass the 'teaching to teach' to be eligible to take coaching courses at the C level.]

H level.
Five correspondence units, practical assignments and four practical assessments of teaching.

A level.
Four correspondence units, practical assignments and four practical assessments of teaching. [Optional - for coaches who are eligible to take coaching courses at C level: observe and assist a National Coach in a probationary role at C+ Coaching Courses with the objective of becoming qualified to train coaches to C+ level.]

What is unique about this programme?

  • we believe it is a world first.
  • is available as a complete, fully referenced, self-contained package integrated with NZPCA  Manuals 1,2, and 3.
  • is accessible to all coaches irrespective of where they live.
  • provides a self-paced system of achievement.
  • is self-perpetuating, - it offers components on 'teaching to teach', so coaches may train others.
  • tutors and assessors are trained, supported and monitored by the NZPCA.

Coaching Modules:

Due to requests from Pony Club coaches who would like to work through the level at which they are teaching, the Coaches Training Programme is also offered as a separate component module. Modules may be taken in any order. They are 'stand-alone' and do not represent a qualification with the Equestrian Coaches Training Programme. Modules may be cross credited if instructors wish to join the Coaching Training Programme.

Coaching Courses:

National and Association Coaches are available to train coaches at all levels.  Coaches qualified through the ECTP are available to train coaches at D/D+ and C levels. A list of ECTP Coaches who can run courses can be found here

Clubs/Branches should make arrangements directly with whomever they choose. Numbers on courses taken by ECTP qualified coaches are limited to allow for plenty of 'hands-on' practice, and should not be exceeded.