​​​​​​​Events Calendar

NZPCA Area Forum, Conference & AGM

26, 27 & 28 July 2024 - Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington


13-15 October - NEC Taupo - Including the PCIA Virtual Jumping Competition.

2024 - Rotation

Zone 1 FTV 11th February 2024 - Clevedon A & P Showgrounds.

Zone 2 WAI 3/4 February 2024 

Zone 3 MWC

Zone 4 MNWC

Zone 5 CANT 9/10 December 2023 - Hosted by Springston Pony Club

Zone 6 OS 9/10 December 2023 - Hosted by Clyde Pony Club.

​​​​​​​Championship Event Rotation 

Eventing 2024

Waitemata Rodney Area at Papatoetoe 19-21 April 2024


2025 Marborough Nelson West Coast

2026 Hawkes Bay

Championship Week

SI - 15-18 January 2024 - Hosted by OS at Gore Show Grounds.

NI - 22-25 January 2024 - Hosted by Auckland Area at Clevedon Pony Club Grounds

Bruce Forbes

7-8 January 2024

South Island Show Jumping Championships

9-10 January 2024

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Timberlands Team Event

17-18 February 2024


5-10 March 2024 - Show Jumping Teams Event - Saturday 9th March 2024 (TBC)

Coaches Conferences 2024

South Island - Christchurch - 25 & 26 May 2024

North Island - Taupo - 8 & 9 June 2024

To the Board and Membership of New Zealand Pony Club

I was very surprised, honoured and humbled at the 2023 NZPCA Conference to have been awarded Life Membership to NZPCA.

I was given the opportunity to thank those at conference, in particular Canterbury Area Pony Club for nominating me, the Awards Committee for accepting my nomination and recommending it go to the Board for approval, and of course, the Board approving it.

I want to thank all members that were present at the Awards and those that have since messaged me, for their congratulations and very kind words.   It has been such a humbling experience and one I will be forever grateful and will treasure.

Many many thanks


​​​​​​​Geraldine Rae

Joint High Performance Scholarship Programme announced by NZ Pony Clubs Association and Equestrian Sports New Zealand

The New Zealand Pony Clubs Association and Equestrian Sports New Zealand have come together to offer a six-month Scholarship Programme that will enable younger riders to participate in some elements of the ESNZ High Performance System. 

The goal of the Programme is that all young riders are encouraged to focus on increasing their participation and improving their performance across the Disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Eventing.

The six-month period would see recipients working alongside High Performance workshops and squad training, and they would also receive an Individualised Programme Plan (IPP) session with a High Performance Manager or Coach.

The Scholarship recipients will be selected from the winners of the A1 Eventing Cup in April, and the Dressage and Jumping events during the NZ Pony Clubs Association “Champs week” held each January in the North Island and South Island.

Board Chair of NZ Pony Clubs Association Emma Barker says the Scholarship Programme is a significant boost for young riders to learn how to be more professional in their sport, and how to plan a campaign and create the right mindset to succeed. “It’s totally unique and the first time it’s ever been done.  It’s an exciting opportunity for three young riders to have their eyes opened to what they could do and where their own ability could lead them, be it having a fantastic equestrian career or reaching high performance,” says Emma. 

Equestrian Sports New Zealand General Manager of High Performance Jock Paget says one of the benefits of the new Scholarship Programme is that it will expose younger riders to a High Performance setting and give them a great insight into what their future could look like if they choose to pursue this path. 

“Whilst I would put an emphasis on young riders simply have fun and learning correct basics, this is a great opportunity which I imagine will excite and motivate them. Hats off to the Pony Clubs Association for a great idea and we are really excited to partner with them,” he says.

In New Zealand, Pony Club membership is open to anyone up to 25 years of age, and riding schools around the country can also become affiliated to the Pony Club.  The Scholarship Programme is open to senior Pony Club members and will be offered from January 2024.

PHOTO:   Emily Marrett and Nigella Warrior the winners of this year’s A1 Eventing Champs.